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Zap LED Stumps and Bails Set for Cricket

Zap LED Stumps and Bails Set for Cricket

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Light up your cricket matches with ZAP's cutting-edge LED Cricket Stumps that add an electrifying glow to every match you play, be it in the broad day light or for night cricket matches.

The bails and the stumps light up instantly in a synchronised red light flash on even the smallest of contacts, leading to faster and more confident decisions.

These red light flashes are bright enough to be visible to even spectators sitting far back in the stands.

Made from high-grade materials, ZAP LED Stumps can take on the heat of any cricket match. The toughened plastic stumps and the fibre bails can withstand any force from the leather or tennis ball.

The ZAP LED Cricket Stumps are powered by long-lasting batteries, keeping the lights and sensor working for countless cricket matches.

Smart sensors are built into the stumps that detect even the slightest contact and movement so that every dismissal is accurately called.

They are also water resistant and are built to work perfectly fine even in the rain which means non stop action.

Also, the weight of both the bails is minimal, so that they fall of the stump with the smallest of contacts.


  • 3pc Stumps
  • 2pc Bails
  • Batteries included
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