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ZAP Bouncer Kashmir Willow Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat - SH

ZAP Bouncer Kashmir Willow Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat - SH

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The ZAP Bouncer tennis bat is the most recent addition to the ZAP collection and will help you go the extra mile. Its well constructed architecture will allow you to perform well in tennis matches. ZAP's technology breakthroughs have enabled the development of a bat with a scooped back, which is lighter and generates more momentum. Because of its exceptional toe guard, the bat's strength increases, giving you greater confidence. Its glossy design logo elevates your sense of style.

ZAP Bouncer helps you to recover from failures and turn adversity into opportunity. Take control of the opponents with your unique gameplay.

  • Supreme quality kashmir willow soft tennis bat
  • Revamped blade aerodynamics for ultimate shot power generation
  • Unique toe guard using plaster forming compound that enhances strength at the bottom
  • Flat and wider face for maximum surface area enabling variety of shots
  • Slight bow generates fastest pick-up while ensure top power
  • Peculiar 5-scoop design for better balance and weight distribution.
  • Huge sweet spot for powerful displays.
  • Full cane rounded handle for shock absorption and comfort
  • Short handle
  • Chevron grips for better handling and control (color may vary)
  • Handmade by a proficient craftsman from Meerut, India.
  • Weight range: 1050 gm to 1150 gm
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