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CA Cricket Bat Mallet Double Sided - Bat Knocking Hammer

CA Cricket Bat Mallet Double Sided - Bat Knocking Hammer

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Cricket Bat Mallet Wooden Pro CA Knock-in Bat.

If you are looking for cricket bat mallet to knock-in your cricket bat, then Cricket CA SPORTS Pro bat mallet is the right choice. 

  • GREAT FOR - The CA Cricket Bat Mallet is the perfect tool for one of the most important, but often overlooked, pieces of cricket equipment. ‘Knocking-in’ a cricket bat is essential for those looking to get extended use from their new or existing cricket bat
  • IDEAL WEIGHT: CA Bat mallet is specially carved to get that perfect weight that replicates the impact of a cricket ball, so it does not damage the bat.
  • USED FOR : The CA Cricket bat mallet is the best tool for “Knocking-in” which is one of the most important need for any cricket bat to longer lasting performance and use.
  • HOW DOES KNOCKING IN HELP - It allows the wood to compress, which helps to avoid cracking or denting whilst improving the sweet spot and protecting the edges from excessive wear. Knocking in will extend the life of your bat and improve batting performance.
  • DURABILITY  - Two Seamless Half Ball carved heads for clean without denting knocking in - Made of Quality hardwood.
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